Benson Ng is the latest member of The Establishment’s roster of tattoo-clad Chefs. Trained by Seng himself, Benson runs the Wanton Noodle Bar kitchen with a refreshingly candid attitude. The graduate in business management has been involved in the craft of wanton noodles from a tender age. We sit down with the man to find out more about his views on tossing, life and alcohol.


Hi Benson, you have an interesting tattoo, can you share the story behind it?
The tattoo is by Davee Blows. When I heard he was in Singapore, I went to meet him. Initially he was hesitant to work on me, but when I told him he could have free-play he agreed. This is his interpretation of me: a cuddly, boozy, furry animal.

You’ve been playing Rage Against The Machine heavily. What’s your favorite track?
Take The Power Back! The title itself is already “power”.

What’s your streak: How many bowls did you churn out consecutively?
I did 320-340 bowls in 6 hours for 3 weeks.


Tell us the fondest memory of your wanton adventures
Before setting up Wanton, Brandon and I went on a week of noodle research. We ate till we literally had diarrhoea.

Describe your perfect bowl of wanton noodles
Good soy sauce, lard oil and well-cooked noodles. The rest is subjective.

How do you pair alcoholic drinks with your noodles
Put a drink in front of me, I’ll drink it. Put a bowl of noodles in front of me, I’ll eat it.

Which hand do you toss with?
Both, but mostly right.

Wanton is a Noodle Bar on 52 Amoy Street. It’s opened from Monday to Saturday, lunch from 11am to 3pm, dinners from 5pm to 11pm, 1am on Fridays and Saturdays. Saturdays are dinner only and we’re closed on Sundays. Reservations for dinner only.